Tuesday, December 3, 2013

GMO Update: Seralini Paper Retracted!

          The infamous Seralini paper, which as explained in my GMO post stated that roundup-resistant maize causes organ damage and even cancer in rats, is now being retracted by the editor of the journal in which it was published.

The authors claim no fraud, but as explained here, they admit that the publication was rushed through peer review and "should never have been published in the first place."

While this will surely be a blow to the anti-GMO advocates, Seralini and other authors are protesting the retraction, commenting that "a short Monsanto study was published in the same journal to prove the safety of their product contains errors or frauds, and is not the subject of a controversy".

Overall, while this clearly damages the evidence supporting a safety concern from ingesting genetically modified crops, it is likely to only continue fueling the debate, with legitimate concerns about conflict of interest on both sides among the editors of the journal.