My name is Keith Jacobs and I am currently a biologist evaluating human health hazard of manufactured chemicals. Previously I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the National Institutes of Health studying the molecular biology of chromatin dynamics and epigenetics in development of Dictyostelium. My PhD research focused on DNA damage responses in stem cells.

I decided to create this blog to address common science-related controversies and discussions going on.  These ideas are inspired by both news headlines and facebook rants. I jonkingly refer to this as an "anti-hippie blog", but really I just hope to provide a rational and scientific perspective on these topics to help people wade through all the BS that is found in the deep recesses of the internet.

I do not maintain any conflicts of interest and while I have personal opinions on the topics I write about, I intend only to present an overview of the relevant literature, from a scientist's perspective.

All opinions and information presented are my own. They are in no way meant to represent the views of any current or former employer.

I have never blogged before and appreciate any constructive criticism/advice.
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